Sarah Levine SIMON / Opera Singer, Writer

As many of you know, Sarah passed away July 4th doing what she loved - writing and making art.  The esteemed Drama Book Shop in NYC gave Sarah a special Book Event to marking Winged Victory's release.  We cannot thank you enough for all the support you've given Sarah, me, and my family over the years - particularly over the past few months.


Sarah's book will be available at the Drama Book Shop and can also be purchased at Black Opal Books. (opera singer) and writer. She has appeared as a soloist throughout the United States and Europe, singing difficult soprano repertory such as Bach Cantata No. 51, Lukas Foss’s Time Cycle, and the lyric soprano operatic repertory. Writing began Sarah as a way to access the literary texts she sang, and it led to her creating her own narratives. Writing credits include: Bernardo’s Farewell and Mouse Music, stories for actors and orchestra, produced with a grant from The National Endowment for the Arts, narrated by actress Tovah Feldshuh, among others. She has written two plays on commission for Plays for Living. The Portrait, written as a radio play for National Public Radio in 1983, finally received a production by the Ad Lib theater company at Theater 54 in New York City to critical acclaim in 2014. She wrote, produced and sang as the “gourmet diva” in five musical videos to introduce classical music and have a little fun with it as well.

In February of 2017, The Dressmaker’s Secret, a play co-written by Mihai Grunfeld, received critical acclaim and sold out the Off-Broadway production at 559 Theatre in New York City. With Winged Victory and Locked Out, she makes her debut as a novelist.

Winged Victory synopsis BY: SARAH LEVINE SIMON In the late 1950s, Victory Povich, the Hearing daughter of a deaf mother, is a young Jewish teenager floundering in school in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Victory’s father, a hearing man, has recently passed away, leaving Victory and her mother Esther almost destitute. To make matters worse, because Esther signs, she must now depend on Victory to translate. Victory translates for her own convenience and fails to tell her mother when she is in trouble at school. Some of Victory’s omissions lead to hilarious episodes, while others lead to her being the brunt of bullies, and a serious entanglement with the law occurs when Victory finds herself caught up in the burgeoning civil rights movement. Her father’s illness—and the persecution that Victory suffers, not only from being Jewish, but also from being the daughter of a deaf woman—causes her to retreat into the world of books and imagination where she pretends she’s Nancy Drew, solving complex mysteries. Now Victory and her mother must find a way to survive when the whole world seems to be against them through no fault of their own.

Sarah's next three new novels will be released by her publisher, Black Opal Books in 2018 and 2019.